Canine Total Knee (TKR)

Product Details

  1. Commercialized in 2005
  2. Developing Surgeon: Bill Liska, Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists
  3. First case: Performed by Dr. Bill Liska on June 27, 2005; Custom knee in Finland

The Knee System consists of seven (7) symmetrical femoral sizes and five (5) symmentrical tibial components. The femoral components arecobalt chrome with porous inner surfaces for cementless applications. These components can also be cemented in an adequate press fit is not achieved. The tibial components are all-polyethylene, intended for cemented application. Cemented tibial components in people have had the longest and most successful clinical history.

Each size is available in 5mm, 7mm, and 9mm thicknesses for establishing the proper tension of the joint. All femoral and tibial components are interchangeable for optimizing patient fit and restoring function. There is also a tibial metal backed component which is a cementless design available on special order (4-6 weeks).

Instruments are designed to accomplish two (2) basic steps:
1. Proximal Tibial Cut
2. Four (4) Femoral Cuts which are size specific

To each step there is a secondary step for preparation of the fixation, femoral central post and the tibial central keel.

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Total knee implants Total knee implants Total knee instruments Total knee implants (radiographs)

Zjuul’s Information
Birthday: June 14, 2003
Breed: Boxer
Date of Surgery: THR on November 10, 2006 and T
Product: BFX Hip, Total Knee
Surgeons: Dr. Radboud Kemme; dogSurge© Small Animal Orthopedic Services, Netherlands
Referring Veterinarian: Dr. Hugo van Duijn; Dierenartsengroep West-Brabant, Etten-Leur, Netherlands



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