MultiPurpose Bone Plate System® features HyProtect™ coating, April 17, 2015

Our MultiPurpose Bone Plate System® now features HyProtect™ coating at no extra cost.

HyProtect is a silver based antimicrobial plasma coating for medical implants. The silver coating provides a sustained release of silver ions, optimized to inhibit the growth of bacteria and the formation of a biofilm on the surface of the implant. HyProtect coating has demonstrated antimicrobial efficacy of at least 100 days against gram positive, gram negative and multi-resistant bacteria.

Multiple applications for this bone plate include, but are not limited to pelvic osteotomy, ilial shaft fracture, proximal tibial osteotomy, distal radial fracture, and partial carpal arthrodesis. This versatility minimizes the need to inventory a wide selection of pates and pins in order to address these same clinical cases.
The plate is symmetrical, has a combination of angulation and compression slots, and can be bent into left and right components.

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