Universal Hip
Patent #7,169,185 and #7,547,328

BFX® Hip System (Biologic Fixation)

  1. Commercialized in August 2003
  2. Developing Surgeon: Dr. Dave DeYoung
  3. Number of clinical sites: 250 (both CFX and BFX)
  4. First case: Dr. Denis Marcellin-Little 08-15-03
  5. Number of cases performed: 8,900

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THR implant overview BFX implants CFX implants BFX implants (radiograph)

Milo’s Information
Birthday: March 11, 2002
Breed: Akita/German Shepherd
Date of Surgery: October 29, 2009 and June 4, 2010
Product: BFX/CFX hybrid hips
Surgeons: Dr. W. Brian Saunders and Dr. Sharon Kerwin; Texas A & M University College of Veterinary Medicine
Referring Veterinarian: Dr. Nathan Maxson; Beechcrest Animal Clinic, Houston, TX



TATE Elbow
Universal Hip
Canine Total Knee
CFX Micro & Nano Hip
Bone Plates & Screws
I-Loc IM Fixator
Bone Cement


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