Vetros Bone Putty

Vetros™ Putty: Bioactive Bone Graft


  • Original Bioglass formula (45S5)
  • Unique sphere particle and optimal size range


  • Phospholipid carrier
  • Excellent handling; absorbed within 5-7 days
  • Allows for high sphere content (75% by weight)

  • Product Differentiation

  • Unique Particle Shape
  • Uniform spheres vs rough, irregular shaped particles
  • Bioglass spheres offer better 3-D packing than rough particles found in Consil/Velosity
  • Higher porosity and larger pores = better bone in-growth
  • Multi-stage release profile

  • Most bioactive grafts are composed of a broad particle size ranges which can vary from unit to unit
  • Vetros was developed to find the particle size range combination that resulted in the best formation
  • Use of sphere allows for precise sizing of particle
  • Two particles with narrow size ranges can give fast and slow release for improved bioactivity

  • In Vivo Study

  • Critical sized defect (6x10mm) in New Zealand White rabbit femur
  • Bioglass sphere putty* vs Consil (Novabone)
  • Timepoints: 6 and 12 weeks
  • Analysis
  • microCT
  • Histology
  • Histomorphometry
  • Defect
    *Test putty had 80% Bioglass spheres compared to 75% in Vetros

  • In Vivo Data - microCT

    microCT showed more bone formation in the Bioglass sphere putty than Consil/Velosity at both timepoints

    In Vivo Data - 6 Week Histology

    6-wk histology showed bone growth directly on the surface of the spheres and the formation of a calcium phosphate (CaP) surface layer

    In Vivo Data - 12 Week Histology

    12-wk histology showed bone completely surrounding the spheres and increased formation of a calcium phosphate (CaP) surface layer

    In Vivo Data – 12 Week Controls

    Control defects showed that an empty drill hole or the carrier alone did not heal the site. This demonstrated the defect was critically sized.

    In Vivo Data - % Bone Formation

    Histomorphometric analysis showed increased bone formation with the Bioglass sphere putty compared to Consil

    Vetros™ Putty Summary

    Key Advantages

  • Next generation form of Bioglass with improved healing
  • Animal testing showed improved bone healing compared to conventional Bioglass product
  • Highest Bioglass content on the market (75% by weight)
  • Moldable, non-hardening putty with excellent handling properties
  • Anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties
  • products

    TATE Elbow
    Universal Hip
    Canine Total Knee
    CFX Micro & Nano Hip
    Bone Plates & Screws
    I-Loc IM Fixator
    Bone Cement


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