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Developed in cooperation with experienced industry-leading surgeons, this workshop consists of a comprehensive online educational component and a one-day hands-on laboratory experience with supplemental classroom instruction. This multi-faceted approach to education is designed to offer participants comprehensive resources, reinforcement and support to familiarize themselves with the Total Hip Replacement procedure. Participants of this workshop will learn ideal case selection, preoperative planning, surgical technique, and postoperative patient management. In order to gain an understanding of the surgical objectives, participants will become familiarized with the Universal Hip system instruments and practice the placement of both cemented and cementless implants.


Online Education

The BioMedtrix Online Portal was developed to provide educational reference material and resources to supplement the hands-on workshops and maximize the learning potential of laboratory exercises. Consisting of reading assignments, visual aids and videos, self-assessment activities, and moderated discussion forums, BioMedtrix online courses are designed to enhance a participant’s understanding of the material and reinforce the learning process prior to attending a hands-on workshop. Completion of the online material is required prior to participating in the hands-on laboratory exercises. Currently, online educational material is available for the Universal Hip workshop. Additional course development is planned for the Micro & Nano Hip, I-Loc IM Fixator, and TPLO Curve systems.