Bone Plate Systems

All BioMedtrix bone plates feature the HyProtect antimicrobial coating. Both the TPLO Curve and MultiPurpose bone plates are manufactured to all sizes necessary to suit any breed dog or cat.
BioMedtrix also offers a full range of lengths of both cortical and locking screws.
“It is my opinion that the BioMedtrix TPLO Curve system is the pinnacle of design and implant technology available for use when performing the TPLO procedure in dogs. Reduced surgical time and faster healing at the osteotomy were immediately apparent after only a few months in use at my hospital. Over the last 18 years, I have used many TPLO implants from every major manufacturer as the procedure has evolved. This plate shape, antimicrobial coating, and polyaxial locking design make this system the best available.”
Dr. Max Banwell, DVM, MS, DACVS; Bay Area Veterinary Specialists, Houston, TX
“I have been doing TPLO’s since the late 90’s and have been very open and embracing of all the innovations and development in the field of purpose designed implants for this procedure. I am particularly excited to support and endorse the work of Dr. Randy Acker and BioMedtrix who have collaborated to produce the BioMedtrix Curve implant for TPLO’s. The Curve combines many of the modern features of implant design: purpose architected, pre-contoured, minimal bone/periosteal contact and locking screw technology which are all the mainstay, and required, in my opinion, to be considered advanced and modern. Furthermore, my opinion is that certain design features make the Curve implant even more superior among the newer generation plate systems: bi-directional compression ability, poly-axial locking screws and of course the HyProtect silver coating technology. BioMedtrix pricing, USA production, quality control and reputation simply seal the deal in my opinion. After a year of using this system – we’ve completely replaced all TPLO’s implants in both of our facilities with the Curve System. We eagerly await the 2,0mm system due out later in 2018.”
Dr. John Haburjak, DACVS; Pets Referral Center, Berkeley, CA
“Having performed TPLO surgery since 2003, I have experienced a number of modifications to the original procedure. When BioMedtrix introduced the TPLO Curve in 2016, it may have seemed a late entry to the TPLO bandwagon. However, the design of the TPLO Curve plate and its locking mechanism are far superior to anything else on the market. Whereas most manufacturers try to duplicate the Synthes locking mechanism, BioMedtrix has produced their own system with expectedly high-quality drill guides; these are a pleasure to use. Furthermore, in more than 200 implantations, I haven’t had to remove a single plate due to infection, presumably virtue of the Hy-Protect coating to the plate.”
Shane Morrison, BVSc CertSAS MRCVS; Christchurch Veterinary Referrals, Suffolk
“Nearly 20 years doing TPLO procedures, I have used many different plate designs. Although all had great features and improvement over the others, I couldn’t help wishing for minor changes that would allow me to handle some clinical situation more effectively. I can honestly say that the BioMedtrix TPLO Curve plate possesses all these characteristics I have been wishing for through the years. The TPLO Curve plate ingeniously unique features, the caudally curved design, polyaxial option for locking screws, and bi-directional compression slots, finally leaving me with complete satisfaction without any desire for modification even after using them for two years. These plates are perfect the way they are!”
Dr. Peter Sebestyen, DVM, DACVS; Advanced Veterinary Specialty Group, Tustin, CA
“The reasons why I like the TPLO curve is the ease of application, the excellent fit on the tibia, and the strength of the construct, whatever the size of the dog. I walk away from surgery with great confidence that if a patient ignores the rules during the healing time, the tibia and implants will be ok. Bone healing has been consistent and rapid with the BioMedtrix Curve plate.”
Dr. David Edinger, DVM, DACVS; Edinger Surgical Options, Madison, WI

HyProtect™ Antimicrobial Coating

HyProtect is a pure-silver based plasma coating which provides a continuous release of silver ions to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface of the implant. Without this antimicrobial protection, periprosthetic (implant site) infections may occur, generally within 12 weeks after surgery.
Though less common than surgical site (surface) infections, periprosthetic infections can hinder recovery, and may require medical treatment or surgical explantation and revision. The HyProtect antimicrobial coating provides protection from local infection for at least 100 days.


They active component of the HyProtect coating, MicroSilver is a biocompatible, chemical, mechanical and temperature stable pure elemental powder. It is produced of a combined physical vapor deposition (Silver particles) and chemical vapor deposition (SiOxCy) process.

This silver technology features broad spectrum antimicrobial efficacy, including multi-resistant germs and bacteria, and has been at use in the medical field for over 10 years.