Bone Plate Systems

All BioMedtrix bone plates feature the HyProtect antimicrobial coating. Both the TPLO Curve and MultiPurpose bone plates are manufactured to all sizes necessary to suit any breed dog or cat.
BioMedtrix also offers a full range of lengths of both cortical and locking screws.

HyProtect™ Antimicrobial Coating

HyProtect is a pure-silver based plasma coating which provides a continuous release of silver ions to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface of the implant. Without this antimicrobial protection, periprosthetic (implant site) infections may occur, generally within 12 weeks after surgery.
Though less common than surgical site (surface) infections, periprosthetic infections can hinder recovery, and may require medical treatment or surgical explantation and revision. The HyProtect antimicrobial coating provides protection from local infection for at least 100 days.


They active component of the HyProtect coating, MicroSilver is a biocompatible, chemical, mechanical and temperature stable pure elemental powder. It is produced of a combined physical vapor deposition (Silver particles) and chemical vapor deposition (SiOxCy) process.

This silver technology features broad spectrum antimicrobial efficacy, including multi-resistant germs and bacteria, and has been at use in the medical field for over 10 years.