BioMedtrix conducts product workshops throughout the United States and Europe. Each workshop details the application and surgical technique for a specific product such as the Universal Hip (BFX® and CFX® systems), Micro & Nano Hip, Canine Total Knee, TATE Elbow®, or I-Loc® Nail. Workshops consist of classroom instruction supported by lab experience, offering participants the opportunity to use the surgical instrumentation in order to familiarize themselves with the procedure.




“I attended the BioMedtrix Advanced THR course in 2016; I am so glad to have attended. I learnt so much and the course enabled me to reflect and consolidate my THR skills. The learning environment was excellent; approachable, experienced, friendly and very practical instructors, and a cohort of experienced and like-minded delegates willing to share their success and failure cases, all with the aim of striving to improve our THR skillset. I would thoroughly recommend the course to any veterinary surgeon with a good basic knowledge and experience of BioMedtrix BFX and CFX hips but wanting to broaden his or her depth of skill and understanding.”
Dr. Gareth Arthurs
“I attended the Advanced Total Hip Replacement course in Liverpool in 2016. The opportunity to spend 2 days in a wet lab with the incredibly experienced tutors was invaluable and seeing the tips and tricks was much more productive than more traditional lecture-based teaching. It is certainly a course I would recommend to anyone wishing to improve their total hip arthroplasty technique.”
Dr. Duncan Midgley
“I was fortunate to attend the Advanced THR course in Columbus Ohio in 2016. Having attended the original THR (CFX) and the first combined course (CFX and BFX) in the decades prior I was optimistic it would be a useful endeavor. It was, in fact, quite possibly the most valuable CE I have attended and I couldn’t recommend it more highly for those surgeons with a modest to busy total hip replacement caseload. Attendees will be exposed to world experts on hip replacement, not only at the lectern, but in the audience and labs. Having performed THR for nearly 20 years now, about monthly over that time period, there is a limit to the growth one can experience in solitude. Gleaning from the experience of others and sharing one’s experience, I believe, is the only truly effective means of ‘upping’ one’s THR game. I plan to attend every 3-5 years while I continue to perform THR.”
Dr. Robert M. Daye

Upcoming Workshops


BioMedtrix Workshops for the Universal Hip, TATE Elbow, Canine Total Knee, and I-Loc Nail have been approved by RACE (Registry of Approved Continuing Education), a national clearinghouse for endorsement of veterinary continuing education providers and their programs.

Programs approved by RACE are acknowledged by most states and several provinces in Canada. The organization is a service of the American Association of Veterinary State Boards.

RACE approval allows veterinarians from around the country to continue their education and thereby maintain their state licensing requirements.

“The BioMedtrix THR Product Certification Program enabled me to improve my technique and confidence in the procedure before beginning clinical cases. Its objectives are excellent; perhaps other companies should consider similar schemes.”
Dr. Duncan Barnes
“The BioMedtrix TATE and TKR certification programs help expedite the transition from learning the techniques in the course to performing them in the clinic. My comfort level, confidence, and skill certainly improved as a result of this program.”
Dr. Mary Sarah Bergh
“The BioMedtrix THR Product Certification Program forced me to problem solve on my own, but still allowed me to receive instructor feedback based on the surgery report and radiographs I submitted. I strongly recommend anyone participating in the BioMedtrix courses to take advantage of this program.”
Dr. Michael McFadden
“The BioMedtrix THR Product Certification Program provided valuable feedback from course instructors on additional practice cases I completed following the workshop. The program also allowed me to explain to clients that while my clinical case numbers are still low, I have achieved certification by successfully performing the procedure on supplemental trial cases after completing the course.”
Dr. Jennifer L. Fick

Product Mentorship

Surgeons who have completed a BioMedtrix workshop may choose to participate in the Product Mentorship Program. This program incurs additional costs and is designed to support new total joint replacement surgeons as they progress beyond attendance at a total joint replacement workshop, towards performing clinical total joint replacement procedures. Surgeons who complete this program will have demonstrated an understanding of the concepts necessary for successful clinical results.
The program offers three potential pathways to practice the procedure, gain confidence, and validate a surgeon’s comprehension of the concepts required for successful clinical results. One of the following three pathways may be selected: Cadaver Implantation, Surgeon Assist Training, or Mentor Training.
Completion of the Mentorship Program is a required process prior to purchasing implants from BioMedtrix for total joint systems. The Product Mentorship Program is offered for the Universal Hip and Micro & Nano Hip systems.