Birthday: March 22, 2016

Breed: Weimaraner Mix

Date of Surgery: January 11, 2017

Product: BFX® THR

Surgeon: Dr. Anke Lanenbach; Veterinary Surgical Centers, Vienna, VA

Referring Veterinarian: Dr. Christopher Bailey; New Baltimore Animal Hospital, Warrenton, VA

“Having a hip replacement at VSC has changed Austin’s life—and his family members’ lives, too. As a puppy, he was very sweet, despite the fact he was in constant pain with very limited mobility. His mom recalls him whining or crying out in pain regularly. Following his THR, he has a better quality of life where he can play ball with his siblings and go for long rides in the car to the beach with the family. ‘The surgery was definitely a huge step and a long journey but… well worth it,’ says Austin’s mom, Julienne. These days, Austin seems very happy and can do everything the other dogs can do. ‘We continued looking after him and ‘spoiling’ him even more at home after his surgery,’ she says. ‘He’s definitely our baby.'”

– Contributed by Lia Dangelico, Marketing and Communications Manager, Veterinary Surgical Centers