Design & Indications

Developed as a custom implant in 2013 in cooperation with Dr. Kirk Wendelburg, Animal Specialty Group, the Lateral Bolt Stem completed a three-year clinical evaluation and has since included over 300 clinical cases.  Currently available as part of the Universal Hip System,  The Lateral Bolt Stem utilizes a stabilizing bolt, which is inserted and threaded into the femoral stem to increase stability against subsidence and rotation while early bone ingrowth is occurring following a Total Hip Replacement.

Patients that may be candidates for this uniquely designed stem include those with stove-pipe femoral morphology and cases where calcar bone is absent and use of a BFX Collared Stem is not possible.  Cases where there may be an increased risk or concern for stem position changes postoperatively, despite perceiving adequate press fit conditions during femoral broaching, may also benefit from the Lateral Bolt Stem.

The lateral bolt will not guarantee against stem implant position changes in cases where press fit has not been achieved, or in cases with poor medullary bone quality or insufficient medullary bone resistance to broaching has been encountered.  Patients whose femurs have thin cortical walls may also be poor candidates for a Lateral Bolt Stem.

Technical Use & System Scope


The Lateral Bolt Stem is designed to achieve press-fit stabilization with an identical femoral preparation and stem insertion technique as is practiced for a standard BFX EBM Stem.  The Lateral Bolt Stem is initially placed using the standard BFX surgical technique to achieve proper press-fit and is seated to its desired location within the femur.  Optimal hip reduction is assessed using trial femoral heads.  Placement of the lateral bolt into the femoral stem occurs as a final step in stem fixation once the final stem position has been confirmed.

In addition to the Universal Hip Basic Preparation instrument set, a set of supplemental instruments is required for the Lateral Bolt system.  The instruments included in this set are specific to the proper preparation and insertion of the lateral bolt as described in the Lateral Bolt Surgical Technique.

Lateral bolts and stems, which are available in sizes #5 – #12 (standard and large breed), and the related instrument sets may be purchased by logging in to the Online Store or by emailing your order to  To order implants, surgeons must have attended a Universal Hip workshop and completed the Product Certification program.