BioMedtrix is pleased to offer marketing tools to help promote the Canine Total Knee procedures. Each can be customized to feature your practice, then distributed to referring veterinarians in your area.
Please inquire to obtain a FREE supply of Tri-fold Question-and-Answer brochures!


Postcard #1 is an Open House Invitation. Event attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about total hip replacement as well as their role as the referring veterinarian.

Postcard #2 is a Service Announcement offering your contact information as the primary source to learn more about TKR.

Tri-fold Question-and-Answer Brochures for general practitioners and pet owners are also available and can be customized with your practice details simply by adding a label. 500 copies are available to your practice at no charge, other than shipping fees.
Follow these links to view full documents:

The TKR tri-fold (left), TKR Open House Invitation (top-right), and TKR Service Announcement (bottom-right)

For additional information regarding the marketing supportmaterials available to BioMedtrix certified centers, or to request a supply of tri-fold brochures for referring veterinarians in your area, please contact Matthew Rodriguez, Digital Media Manager, at