Birthday: March 18, 2012

Breed: Mixed Breed

Date of Surgery: April 15, 2017

Product: BFX® THR

Surgeon: Dr. Jeremy Cartagena; Hobart Animal Clinic, Hobart, IN

Referring Veterinarian: Dr. Jeremy Cartagena; Hobart Animal Clinic, Hobart, IN

“Two days after adopting Cooper, we took him for his first vet visit. We had no known medical history other than the obvious; that he was missing a back leg. We feared his remaining back leg could have also been injured because of how he would drag it along and was hesitant to put pressure on it. Based on the x-rays, the vet suspected that Cooper had been hit by a car, causing one leg to be amputated and dislocating his other hip – which would need to be replaced!

The pre-surgery to surgery to post-op was wonderful! The care and attention we received was exemplary and I would recommend Purdue to everyone! Dr. Rochat even helped us secure funds towards Cooper’s surgery from Purdue Animal Hospital! Today, Cooper is an AMAZING NEW DOGGIE! He RUNS and goes up and down stairs without any problems!”

– Contributed by Dianna Austgen