Birthday: February 26, 2016

Breed: German Wirehaired Pointer

Dates of Surgery: June 4, 2018

Product: TPLO Curve®

Surgeons: Drs. Guenter Schwarz and Dorit Seibert-Schwarz; Seibert-Schwarz Small Animal Practice, Nappersdorf, Austria

“Jira started to show mild right hind limb lameness in April 2018. This lameness responded well to anti-inflammatory therapy at first but became evident again soon after treatment ended. In May, 2018, Jira was diagnosed with right side cranial cruciate damage by clinical and radiographic exams. In June, 2018, a TPLO procedure was performed.

The follow-up radiographs were very satisfying, showing complete healing of the osteotomy. Jira was no longer lame and was allowed to run freely with our second wire-haired pointer, Lana.

We also were allowed to start a training program for Jira to get her ready for the new hunting season in September. Now, nearly four months after surgery, Jira has regained her full quality of life and orthopedic soundness.”

– Contributed by Guenther Scherak