Birthday: June 27, 2015

Breed: Golden Retriever

Date of Surgery: June 6, 2016

Product: BFX® Lateral Bolt Stem

Surgeon: Dr. Jonathan Dyce; The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center, Columbus, Ohio

Referring Vet: Dr. Dustin Betlem; Moon Veterinary Hospital, Moon Township, PA

“Riley was an active and playful puppy until March 2016, when we noticed he would stop and sit during our walks. Knowing this was not normal, we scheduled an appointment with our veterinarian who informed us of Riley’s hip dysplasia. Following an initial consultation with Dr. Dyce at Ohio State University, THR surgery was performed on June 2, 2016. After the 8 week follow up appointment, Riley has been free to run, play and swim again. He is back to being a very active dog and most importantly, being Riley again! Thanks to Dr. Dyce and his team at OSU for the outstanding compassion and professionalism extended to our family.”

– Contributed by Robert and Mary Estok