Design & Indications

Currently available as part of the Universal Hip System,  The Centerline Stem utilizes the true femoral neck centerline to minimize bending and improve calcar loading following a Total Hip Replacement.

Patients that may be candidates for this uniquely designed stem include those with stove-pipe femoral morphology, large breed dogs, and German Shepherds.

More information regarding the design of the BFX Centerline Stem can be found here.

Technical Use & System Scope

The Centerline Stem is designed to achieve press-fit stabilization with a femoral preparation and stem insertion technique similar to as is practiced for a standard BFX EBM Stem, though with a higher, adjusted neck resection and preparation of the lateral exposure.

In addition to the Universal Hip Basic Preparation instrument set, a set of supplemental instruments is required for the Centerline system.

Centerline stems and the related instrument sets may be purchased by logging in to the Online Store or by emailing your order to  Centerline stems are available with either EBM or plasmaspray surfacing for optimal bone in-growth, sizes #6 – #9 (size range may expand according to the scope of Universal Hip System). Centerline stems are compatible with the Universal Hip System’s femoral head and cemented and biologic fixation acetabular cup components. To order implants, surgeons must have attended a Universal Hip workshop and completed the Product Certification program.

More information regarding the technical use of the BFX Centerline Stem can be found here.