Birthday: August 14, 2009

Breed: Newfoundland Border Collie mix

Date of Surgery: May 19, 2016

Product: BFX®/CFX® Hybrid THR

Surgeon: Dr. Jonathan Dyce; The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center, Columbus, OH

“We found P T when he was six weeks old. He was abandoned and in bad shape with an injured right rear leg. We immediately took him to a local vet who informed us his leg required amputation. P T got along well on three legs for nearly six years but then began showing signs of weakness until he could no longer stand or walk. After researching our options, we decided to take P T to see Dr. Dyce who confirmed he was a total hip replacement candidate. Two weeks following his THR, P T began to use his leg again. Now, just three months later, P T is walking and running as if he never had surgery. Dr. Dyce and his team are the best!”

– Contributed by Angela Durrence