Breed: Bobcat

Dates of Surgery: November 19, 2017

Product: I-Loc® IM Fixator

Surgeon: Dr. Laurent Guiot; ACCESS Bone & Joint Center, Culver City, CA

Referring Veterinarian: The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center, Ramona, CA

“The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center rescued this young bobcat that was hit by a car and sustained a left diaphyseal humeral fracture. A minimally invasive nail osteosynthesis was performed using lateral approaches and a 2-1 bolt configuration. Adequate restoration of alignment was documented using fluoroscopy during surgery. The bobcat was confined indoors for four weeks and then allowed outdoor activities in a dedicated enclosure. Following six weeks of confinement, there was no evidence of residual lameness. She was released to the wild two weeks later which is a great success for the Wildlife Center rehabilitation program.”

– Contributed by Dr. Laurent Guiot