We are pleased to announce BioMedtrix has been acquired by Fidelio Capital, effective March 10, 2020. BioMedtrix and KYON (acquired by Fidelio Capital in June 2019) will be part of the same group but run as separate entities.

Going forward, BioMedtrix and KYON will cooperate closely and further invest to continue develop and drive innovation in the market. With Fidelio as a financially strong majority owner with experience from several additional investments in animal health, both BioMedtrix and KYON will benefit from additional resources and expertise.

This agreement has been established with Fidelio Capital to provide BioMedtrix new pathways to develop projects and meet our clients’ needs. It is our common goal to ensure a smooth transition while maintaining personal attention and continued support to the veterinary industry.

Fidelio Capital was founded in 2010 with the ambition to create an investment company that combines the professional and active ownership that is normally found within Private Equity, coupled with a more responsible and long-term approach to investments and value creation.