Birthday: February 9, 2013

Breed: Border Collie

Date of Surgery: March 13, 2017

Product: BFX® THR

Surgeon: Dr. Anke Langenbach; Veterinary Surgical Centers, Vienna, VA

Referring Veterinarian: Drs. Christopher Bailey and Alexandra Stocks; Town & Country Animal Hospital, Fairfax, VA

“As a puppy, Buddy’s parents couldn’t figure out why he didn’t want to run and play. After they found out he had hip dysplasia they decided on surgery at VSC. “We noticed a difference after the first hip replacement, but after the second hip the difference was noticeable right away,” says Buddy’s mom Kristin. “Having both hips replaced has turned Buddy into a new dog,” says Kristin, admitting that he is finally pain-free for the first time in his short life. At almost 10 weeks post-op, he is able to run, play, and chase cars and squirrels, which he never would have done before. “Buddy is my baby and working with VSC has made such a difference in his life and mine,” adds Kristin.”

– Contributed by Lia Dangelico, Marketing and Communications Manager, Veterinary Surgical Centers