Birthday: October 20, 2015

Breed: Ragamuffin

Date of Surgery: August 22, 2017

Product: CFX® Micro THR

Surgeon: Dr. Tetsuaki Koreeda; Fujiidera Animal Hospital – Animal Reconstructive Center, Osaka, Japan

Referring Veterinarian: Dr. Satoshi Nishio; Animal Emergency Center, Fuchu, Japan

“On August 16, Mute cried out and rushed forward, showing signs of pain in his left hind leg. A secondary clinic diagnosed a femoral neck fracture and recommended FHO. Mute’s doctor explained the option of total hip replacement and felt confident Mute was a good candidate. Mute then visited our facility and was soon scheduled for a THR. The functional recovery after THR was wonderful, and in the one-month checkup after surgery, no problems were found. Mute returned to everyday life much to the pleasure of his owner.”

– Contributed by Dr. Tetsuaki Koreeda