Birthday: July 11, 2015

Breed: Domestic Short-hair

Dates of Surgery: July 28, 2017

Product: I-Loc® IM Fixator

Surgeon: Dr. Loïc M. Déjardin; Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Referring Veterinarian: Dr. Krista Gazzola; Michigan State University; East Lansing, MI

“Jack Jack sustained a comminuted tibia fracture that was initially treated with a 2.4 Locking Compression Plate. Two weeks following surgery, Jack Jack presented with a tibial valgus angular deformity centered over the initial fracture due to acute plastic deformation of the plate. Revision was performed using a 4 x 118 mm I-Loc nail in a static 2-2 configuration. Uneventful recovery ensued with evidence of clinical union 3 weeks after revision.”

– Contributed by Dr. Loïc M. Déjardin