Birthday: March 20, 2007

Breed: Goldie-Poo

Dates of Surgery: July 6, 2017

Product: TPLO Curve® and BFX® THR with Collared Stem

Surgeon: Dr. John Brajkovich; Caledon Mountain Veterinary Hospital, Caledon Village, Ontario, Canada

“Tigger presented in 2016 for hind end lameness. He was diagnosed with severe left coxofemoral osteoarthritis and a concurrent RIGHT ACLR. Following recovery from a right TPLO procedure, the dysfunction from his left hip OA became much more evident. In May 2017 a left THR procedure was performed. Tigger healed well and returned to normal function. A left ACLR occurred a few months later and a second TPLO procedure was performed. By Sept 2017 Tigger was back to full activities, acting as if he’d never had a problem with his pelvic limbs! Thank you BioMedtrix for your awesome implants.”

– Contributed by Dr. John Brajkovich