Birthday: November 13, 2006

Breed: Airedale Terrier

Dates of Surgery: November 24, 2015

Product: Canine Total Knee

Surgeon: Dr. Matthew Allen; The Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital, Cambridge, UK

Referring Veterinarian: Dr. Rob Adams; Davies Veterinary Specialists, Higham Gobion, Herts, UK

“Returning from a walk, we noticed that Mabel was limping on her back leg. After resting her for a few days, followed by a course of anti-inflammatory tablets she was given an x-ray. Our vet referred her to the hospital and the diagnosis was amputation, fuse, or a knee replacement. Replacement was our immediate choice. The team at Cambridge was fantastic and surgery went well. The recovery process was quite daunting, but we followed the plan exactly, including some hydrotherapy, and soon Mabel was enjoying walks and playing again.”

– Contributed by Pauline Worland, Mabel’s owner