Birthday: November 1, 2014

Breed: Border Collie

Dates of Surgery: February 5, 2016, and May 5, 2016

Product: BFX® THR with Lateral Bolt Stem

Surgeon: Dr. W. Brian Saunders; Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

Referring Veterinarian: Dr. Kristin Dodson; Hewitt Veterinary Hospital, Hewitt, Texas

“Travis was treated with staged bilateral TPOs at 6 and 9 months of age for severe hip dysplasia. Travis’ hips did not respond to the TPOs, and he presented to Texas A&M for total hip replacements. The presence of TPOs and chronic bilateral luxations created unique challenges. BFX lateral bolt stems were selected for Travis in order to use slightly smaller stems to minimize reduction distance intra-op. The use of these stems allowed successful reduction while preventing subsidence in the early post-op period. Travis recovered fully from both THRs and has returned to a very active lifestyle. After all he’s been through in his short life, his owners are thrilled with the final outcome.”

– Contributed by Dr. W. Brian Saunders