Birthday: December 28, 2014

Breed: Maine Coon

Date of Surgery: August 29, 2017

Product: CFX® Micro THR

Surgeon: Dr. Randy Acker; Sun Valley Animal Center, Ketchum, Idaho

“Morrison is a very active and playful Maine Coon feline. After a big jump one day, Leanne Doty, his owner noticed that he was walking with a limp and painful to the touch in his left hip. At this point, all activity and playfulness ceased. In August of 2017, Morrison saw Dr. Randy Acker who diagnosed him with a capital femoral physeal fracture that showed delayed closure. Dr. Acker performed a Total Hip Replacement on August 29, 2017. Two months post surgery, Morrison is back to his favorite activity of chasing his ball around the house.”

– Contributed by Betsy Kauder, General Manager, Sun Valley Animal Center