Design & Indications

First introduced to the Universal Hip System in 2010, the BFX® EBM Titanium Stem improved upon the existing implant technology used for biologic fixation. Previously, plasma spray and beaded coating technologies had been used to achieve a stable press-fit with titanium and cobalt chrome femoral stems respectively.

Commonly used for medical implants, Electron Beam Melting technology is the additive manufacturing process by which metal powder is fused layer by layer in a high vacuum using the computer model of the implant. This process allows for a porous surface to be printed as an integral part of the stem, instead of making use of a spray or coating. The proximal fully interconnected porous surface facilitates both a greater coefficient of friction and superior bone ingrowth potential within the first six (6) to eight (8) weeks following a total hip replacement procedure.

The BFX EBM Stem is manufactured from a wrought titanium alloy for maximum biocompatibility and is designed with cranial and caudal flutes for easier stem insertion.  As the standard stem for the Universal Hip System, it should be a surgeon’s first consideration during preoperative planning. The Micro & Nano Hip System, CFX stem, and BFX EBM Collared or Lateral Bolt stems are available to address implant needs of patients who fall outside of the standard size range of implants, have a low canal flare index or stove-pipe femoral morphology, or bone quality concerns.

Technical Use & System Scope

The BFX EBM Stem is designed to achieve press-fit stabilization within a prepared femoral canal. The preparation and stem insertion are described in the Universal Hip Surgical Technique.  After broaching,  the Stem is inserted into the prepared bone bed and is seated to its desired location within the femur.  Optimal hip reduction is assessed using trial femoral heads.  The BFX EBM stem may be implanted with either a BFX or CFX acetabular cup.

The Universal Hip Basic Preparation instrument set contains all instrumentation needed for implantation of the BFX EBM Titanium stem. The Large Breed instrument set may be required for implantation of the larger stem sizes.

BFX EBM stems, which are available in sizes #4 – #12 (standard and large breed), and the related instrument sets may be purchased by logging in to the Online Store or by emailing your order to  To order implants, surgeons must have attended a Universal Hip workshop and completed the Product Certification program.