IMPORTANT: Discontinuation of 29mm-34mm cups with 17mm I.D. 
Based on feedback from our advisory team, we have transitioned to a 22mm inner diameter (I.D.) for our 29mm – 34mm acetabular cups. We have introduced the 22mm implants alongside our standard BFX offering over the past 2 1/2 years, and have now expanded the system to include the larger CFX cups.
Items affected
  • CFX cups: 29mm, 31mm
  • BFX Cups: 30mm, 32mm, 34mm
What this transition means
  • 29mm-34mm acetabular cups now require a 22mm femoral head. They are no longer offered in a 17mm I.D. configuration.
  • 22mm cup impactors and trial heads are required to use any 29mm-34mm cup
Please see the Product Profile Sheet for ordering information and an overview of the benefits. All 22mm heads, cups, and instruments are now available for immediate shipping.
We have also updated the THR Implant Selection Chart to reflect this change, along with several other recent additions to our line of implants.