BioMedtrix implants have a shelf life of five (5) years. This is important for two reasons:
  1. For polyethylene implants (from any manufacturer), oxidation over time resulting from the sterilization process can lead to accelerated wear, and can ultimately cause implant failure.
  2. Sterility of the implant packaging is not guaranteed beyond five years.
Implants are generally shipped within one year of sterilization, and in most cases within six months or less. However, we have encountered sites with implants older than 10 years as a consequence of improper inventory rotation.
We are recommending a FIRST IN, FIRST OUT approach to minimize the potential for an expired implant to be used in surgery. We have compiled this document with more information, including:
  • • How to identify expired inventory from the product packaging
  • • Options for reprocessing expired inventory
  • • Guidelines for implant storage